Justin Joon kee Min, Piano, Music Theory

Justin's capabilities on the instrument are backed by impressive credentials, such as being a prize winner in prestigious piano competitions including the Stepping Stone Competition of the CMC, and the famed OSM Manulife Competition. He has performed in renowned halls, and recently was a soloist with l'Orchestre de l'Université de Montréal at Salle Claude-Champagne. He credits these achievements to all the world-renowned mentors that he has worked with, from whom he gained valuable knowledge that he's willing to pass on to his students.

Justin believes that having a strong theoretical and technical foundation is extremely important in being able to play and enjoy all styles of music. For this, he puts emphasis on the student's ability to understand musical terms, to sight read, and for more advanced students, to have a basic understanding of harmonic and structural composition of the pieces that they are playing. To have more ease at playing the piano and avoid physical strain, he puts emphasis on technique as well, and incorporates fun exercises on the piano to encourage proper technical development. Through such training, he believes that the student will be freer in their artistic expression, and thus, enjoy playing the instrument more.

Justin's principle in teaching is that the more you know about music, the more enjoyable it gets. He instills interest and passion in music to his students by making them witness their own progress. More importantly, he believes that this whole process must be conducted in a stress-free and fun environment, which he strives his lessons to be in.

Larisa (Lora) Abramovich, Piano


Born with a musical background family in Kishev, Moldova. She started playing the piano at age of six. After seven years of studying, she got in the studio of a well-known french pianist, Evgenia Revzo in the Music Academy of Kishenev. In 1978, Larisa ​got the piano teaching position in Isreal,and eight of her students were successfully passed the entrance exam for the University of Haifa in Isreal. Larisa and her family immigrated to Canada in year of 1991. She joined Bellissimo Academy in 2016. 

​Larisa received the Bellissimo Academy Outstanding Staff Award in year of 2018-19, her students were successfully passed RCM exams with in average grades of %90; top prizes winners in CCC, Kiwanis, CMC, and North York Piano competition. 

Liana Gershkovich, Piano


Holds music pedagogy and piano performance degrees in Tiraspol Insititute and A.G. Rubinstein Music College. 


Ms. Liana has taught piano for over 30 years. She is an extremely patient and enthusiastic teacher. Her students were successfully passed the exams for RCM with first class honors with distinction, passed the entrance exams for music conservatories, and winning piano competition locally and nationally. Ms. Liana has Joined Bellissimo Academy since 2017.